Nowadays SSD (Solid State devices) has been quite famous and is on the way replacing conventional hard disk drive in PC market. While most of the SSD are still stuck with 2.5-inch form factor, Hagiwara has already ready with its much smaller form factor SSD targeted for embedded computing market. Named as HDF10P, it is measured at only 1-inch in CF form factor that makes it suitable to be used in any space constraint system design.

The new SSD is designed with TrueSSD controller that is compliant with PATA (Parallel ATA) specification. Although most of the SSDs are mainly used for storage option, the new HDF10P is claimed to be suitable as a boot device due to its high endurance write-cycle capability. Besides, it also features with an intelligent caching algorithm that can group smaller fragmented data into larger block of data chunk which reduces the need of frequent write access to the NAND flash memory and hence prolong the system reliability and life cycle. On top of these, ECC is being incorporated to ensure data correctness with single bit correction and multiple bits detection capabilities.

No pricing information yet, currently the HDF10P is already available in the range of up to 8GB capacity and we should expect to see a 16GB version being released to commercial market by end of this year.