The Windows Vista software has finally appeared in the market. It has invited both compliments and criticisms from users. Well, one man’s paradise is another man’s hell. To change the way of interaction with PC, Window Vista now comes with some hardware that can be used to maximize Window Vista’s power.

Microsoft has introduced a wide range of products that give users easier access and friendlier use of the new operating system. The products being offered include Mouse & Keyboard, Gaming Products, Digital Communications Tools, Fingerprint Reader, etc.

If you are looking for the right keyboard and mouse for your new Vista, the Bluetooth keyboard with Microsoft’s first rechargeable mouse introduced by the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 might be a good choice for you.

This combination set was designed for Vista but it also works well with Windows XP. Both can deliver on/off desk top-notch performance with virtually no interference—from up to 30 feet away from the USB transmitter in the computer.

There are a few shortcut buttons on the keyboard available for users’ convenience. For instance, there is the Start Button for you to launch your Start menu and search your PC or the Web if you have Windows Vista installed; the Live Call Button enables you to access your Windows Live Messenger contact list before selecting an Online Contact and starting a video conversation, etc.

The design of the keyboard and mouse is also very stylish and elegant. The keyboard features a thin and curved design and it is geared for multimedia use. Read more from Microsoft.