Many people would rather bring an extra battery than carry a charger along when they are on a trip or traveling. It is surely more convenient and practical. Having said that, if you carry too many electrical gadgets with you, it is probably quite difficult to bring along too many spare batteries. AmbienTech has brought to users an emergency charger in the event users face problems in finding a power supply source to recharge their devices. Using natural energy which has been harnessed by humans since ancient times, AmbienTech’s new solar charger enables users to charge their electrical devices such as cellphone, music player, etc instantly when the batteries run flat.

AmbienTech’s solar charger is available in two designs, namely SolarFold and SolarFan. Both SolarFold and SolarFan consist of four solar cells to collect solar power when they are exposed to the sunlight. SolarFold is a foldable type whereas SolarFan is designed like a fan. The panels for both designs can be folded and piled when they are not in use. Measuring 178g and 186g respectively, both SolarFold and SolarFan can be easily kept in bags or suit pockets for easy travelling.

To use the solar chargers, users just need to plug their electronic devices into these chargers and expose the chargers under sunlight. Both the chargers can deliver 2W power output which enable users to make a 3-minute-call via the USB connection in 10 minutes. The package also comes with AA Rechargeable NiMH batteries which can store electricity for users’ emergency use. Each solar charger is priced at about ¥22,050 (about $250).