Wonder what device you can use to record your HDTV (High Definition TV) contents into an external PVR (Personal Video Recorder) to be stored and played back in PC? There are quite a number in the market but this one seems to be able to outperform the rest. During the recent CES event, Hauppauge has unveiled a new HD USB PVR that manages to feed in any HD contents (either from set-top box or TV) and store it into PC for recording or playback.

The media contents will go through component inputs connected to the device and go out to PC via USB interface. Since both of these are common interfaces in consumer electronics products, it offers great user experience and convenience especially with the assistance of software applications that included in the package. Good thing is, the media can be encoded to famous H.264 in real time without losing its high definition signal quality. Furthermore, the device can convert it to standard format that is compatible to any conventional DVD player and even AVCHD format to be played on Blu-ray HD players.

The HD PVR will be commercialized in first half of 2008. Priced at $250, it is worth getting one so that you won’t miss any favorite TV program as it includes an IR Blaster which enables program recording automatically.