cloudprint.jpg Hewlett-Packard has introduced a new printing technology, CloudPrint, to help users to print documents on any printer almost anywhere in the world. This free service rendered by HP allows users to upload documents to HP’s servers in PDF format. After sending, users will receive an SMS with a document code via their cellphones. Users can thence go to the Cloudprint Website. Just enter the code and users can retrieve their documents and print them out with any nearby printer. To help the users better, HP also includes a directory service that will show the location of publicly available on Google Maps. With the Cloudprint, users can print out their documents almost anywhere in this world.

The idea of Cloudprint was emerged as the result of the discussion by a small group of HP labs researchers on how the computer and printing company can benefit from the Apple iPhone. This Cloudprint service is absolutely free from HP. However, users might need to pay some charges for the SMS messages receive to the mobile phone service provider.

Cloudprint offers conveniences especially to those travelers. It makes traveling become simple and easier. Having said that, there are arguments from users on this service. Users might worry whether uploading confidential documents to HP server is safe enough. Besides, uploading the documents to a thumbdrive or to the individual email is much faster and easier.