Nowadays hybrid vehicle is a new trend as an initiative to greener environment but major obstacle is still surrounding battery life and durability that awaiting resolution from both automotive manufacturers and battery solution providers. Hitachi, is among one of the well known manufacturers that continues to explore and develop a more powerful and reliable car battery targeted for electric car. Just recently, the Japanese company has achieved another new milestone with a major leap that creates a new Lithium Ion battery pack with incredibly output power of 4500 watts and longer life span.


The next generation Lithium Ion battery is expected to be able to pack 70 percent more charge density and 20 percent more reliable than conventional solution. Also, it is almost 50 percent more durable than its current solution that will be mass production next year. So, you can imagine how short the development cycle and how fast it can be evolved parellelly before a product is ready for consume market. More importantly, it hits a life span of 10 years that makes it fitted well for automotive industrial where stringent requirement is a must.

While it is still in early development stage with no estimated pricing and availability, the Japanese firm promises that the new battery pack will be commercialized after year 2010.