While pending for the new Office 2010 out from the oven and Office 2010 public beta to be launched, Microsoft has rolled out the trailer for Office 2010: The Movie, a pretty funny trailer with shades of Keanu Reeves’s The Matrix and Angelina Jolie’s Hackers characters. Directed by Dennis Liu, the action film is about a IAT agent seeking out a rogue font uploaded to the internet by a hacker. The hacker is responsible for the death of his partner and the agent must destroy the rogue font. However, when the font is viewed, the reader is hit by a temporary period of hypnosis which makes the reader believe whatever is written in that font. The whole video clip is rather amusing and funny.


Don’t expect the full Office 2010: The Movie when we say it is a trailer. The video clip is just a promotional ads/video to make way for the upcoming Office 2010, where its first technical preview had been leaked.. Users can watch the interesting trailer from Office 2010 The Movie site. Users need to install Silverlight before they can watch it. Alternately, they can watch it in YouTube: