Hotmail (also known as Windows Live Hotmail or MSN Hotmail) used to be able to add the email account to Microsoft Outlook by using HTTP connection method. However, the ordinary HTTP Hotmail account access method no longer work, and Hotmail user requires to sign up for paid Hotmail Plus subscription service. If the user attempts to setup Outlook to connect to Hotmail HTTP server, the following error messages may occur.

Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at

Or, more simply, the user name and password credentials simply does not work, with Outlook keeps prompting user to enter a correct password, although the password entered is already valid.

The workaround to access Hotmail from Outlook is to use Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, which Microsoft provides for free, and available for free download via Microsoft Download Center or as part of Windows Live Essentials pack.

Using Microsoft Office Outlook Connector to sync between Windows Live Hotmail account and Outlook provides several advantages over HTTP or POP3 connection, as the connector also allows user to access and manage Hotmail account including e-mail messages, contacts and calendars from within Outlook. In Outlook, user can apply Junk Mail filter, rules, alerts, macros and etc. to the synced mail messages.

To use Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, download and install OutlookConnector.exe.

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

After installing, start Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Connector will prompt user to enter Hotmail email address, password and sender name to tag with outgoing email. Once the information is entered, a new Hotmail folder will be added to the Outlook’s Mail Folders tree. Expand the Hotmail node to access Inbox, Drafts, Junk E-mail, Outbox, Sent Items and etc. In Calender and Contacts, there will be new addition of calendar and contacts in Hotmail address too.

Manage Multiple Hotmail Account from Outlook

To sync the email in Hotmail and Outlook, just click on Send/Receive button, or it will automatically receiving and sending email based on the preset interval. It’s also possible to use and access multiple Windows Live Hotmail or MSN Hotmail account with Microsoft Outlook Connector. To do so, click on Outlook Connector pull down menu on the menu bar, and then select Add a New Account.

Microsoft Outlook Office Connector only support Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Outlook 2007. For others email client, Hotmail is adding POP3 and SMTP support to allow retrieving of email via POP3 protocol.

Update: Outlook Connector for Office 2010

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  • Richard

    It works well but when i want to send an email it ask me to write the anti spam charachters and most time it dont send

  • Sarah

    Really helpful!! Thank you!!!! :)

  • Nora

    While trying to send an email from outlook(2010), a message appeared from MS Outlook Connector saying “The network connection is temporarily unavailable. Your messages will be kept in your Outbox until the connection is restored” . Any suggestions as to how to restore this?

  • Emmanuel

    I downloaded the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector and attempted to install on my win7x32 bit but it failed. Any solution?

  • Eric

    This is cool. I've been looking for this solution for awhile. Thanks. It works great.

  • Great post thank for the help. There is an update now that you will have to download to get it working but it only takes a minute.

  • or some reason you shut down my hotmail account. Noqw when it was reopened it was in a language that I can not even read. I am American and I only know English, why it came up as aribaic is a mystery to me. Please do what ever you need to do to get it back to english since I can't read it to fix it myself. Since I can't read hotmail please reply to

  • azeem

    I having this error – this account does not have permission to synchronise your mail. To sign up and gain permission to synchronise with this account, please go to and join the notification list…(and so on).. error 3202… not sure what this means… can anyone help me understand….. Thanks in advance!

    • JCR

      Microsoft's messages can be so cryptic at times. I have the same problem and I cant tell what that means either.

  • G

    the connector works fine, however, messages are not being left on the hotmail server. Because it is MAPI, there is no 'advanced options' to remove the checkmark. Can anyone help.


  • Sahib

    superb dude. finally i have setup my hotmail account on outlook after 4yrs


  • Holly

    Thanks so much!

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  • ray

    thanks a lot for this connector for outlook post, it works fine for me, and i wouldlike to thank you guys at mydigital life for bringing us these posts like this one and also for the forum.

    i've been using this website since 2005 and it helped me.

  • T3H H@X0R – George R

    Thanks!@!# IT worked like a charm2131

  • Kerry

    Works wonderfully. I can now use Outlook with Hotmail.

  • Gil

    This is a very useless piece of software for sure. Even Windows Live Mail doesn’t need an extra "Connector" to run flawless with different kind of account…

    My brain is dedicated to do serious tasks, not to clean the mess of some Microsoft “Genius” with some weird "Outlook+Connector + technical /commercial excuse".

    I like Microsoft but this “fix” is too much weird / useless / INSTABLE, for me. In fact, it simply doesn’t work flawless with my 20 accounts. Windows Live Mail just work and since always.

  • tim

    thx a lot

  • Kieran

    This worked brilliantly, cheers for the guide!!!

  • Michael

    I have had trouble for 2 weeks now. Hotmail was working fine and recently stopped synchronizing using Outlook Connector. I finally found the following solutions that worked.


    User experiences a sign in failure with error 80048820.


    Invalid characters in the first name of the user’s profile


    Change the first name in the user’s profile

    1. Go to

    2. Sign in with the account in question

    3. Click ‘Registered information’ link

    4. Click the ‘Change’ link next to your name

    5. Change the First name to something appropriate with no special characters or the ‘&’ symbol.

    6. Click ‘Save’

    7. Attempt to Sign in with the application that was creating the error.

  • Timo

    this worked for me .

    now i can add everything to my mobile ( WM 6.5 ) via active sync .



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  • Hi i am daisy and i want to make a window live menssager or much better called msn but i whant to know if you can tell me how to do it and were to go

  • cb

    this doesn't work for me for some reason. tried twice, triple checked all fields, and still doesn't work.

  • Jan

    This tip on synching my MSN mail & calendar to my Outlook application was very helpful. My email from MSN now appears in Outlook, which is exactly what I wanted. However, my MSN Calendar is not linking to my Outlook. Any suggestions on why my calendar wouldn't also feed into Outlook?



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