You probably don’t want your kids to be exposed too much to pornography websites but how can you prevent them from accessing to these websites, at least for those famous one that you are already aware of? If you have installed Spy Screen or Silent Screen which can monitor what pornography websites they have visited before and also have identified what are those websites that you want to block due to its sensitive contents, now you can do so at your fingertips without the need to install any additional utilities.

To block websites from accessing at your computer, just follow below steps:

1. Browse to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

2. Look for a file named as hosts, then open it with Notepad.

3. At the bottom of the file, add the line as shown below: is an example of website URL which you would like to block, just replace it with the actual URL so that they are unaccessible to all.

4. If you have more websites that would like to be blocked, just press Enter and repeat step 3 to add additional URL until all desired websites are added.

5. At the last line of the URL that you have entered, add an extra carriage return by pressing Enter.

6. Save and close the file.

Once you have completed above steps, all websites you have entered will be blocked with immediate effect. Hopefully this simple method will help you to prevent certain websites from being accessed by your kids or anybody else for any reason.