Skype has released official Skype app for Android smartphone, which promises free Skype-to-Skype calling and cheap domestic and internal VoIP calls. However, to much dismay, the official Skype for Android app only allows user to use Skype over Wi-Fi (wireless connection) within the US. Calling through Skype Credit or a subscription can be much cheaper than mobile operator’s voice plan, and with 3G support, it ensures that Skype can be used anywhere and anytime.

Note that the official Skype for Android should not be confused with another version of Skype, Skype Mobile for Verizon Android devices, which allows Skype through 3G but not over Wi-Fi. Even so, voice calls that made to landline or mobile phones via Skype must go through Verizon mobile network only. Official Skype app for Android does not have this restriction, but US users currently must have Wi-Fi to initiate calls, except with the help of a simple hack to enable Skype over 3G support.

A hacker named Xeudoxus has managed to crack the Skype app for Android so that it can be used to make calls over 3G capable, and hence user does not need to look for a Internet wireless connection or tie to a WiFi access point to use Skype calling.

The Skype 3G support hack does not requires the phone to be rooted.

Users who want to enjoy Skype calling on 3G as well as Wi-Fi, just download the following hacked version of Skype for Android app: Skype.apk

To install the hacked version of Skype app on Android-based devices, uninstall the original or any existing Skype app first. To uninstall Skype app, go to “Settings” -> “Applications” -> “Manage Applications” and select “Skype”, and hit “Uninstall button”. Then, copy the Skype.apk to the phone SD card directory. Launch a file manager or APK manager which capable to installing .apk file onto Android OS such as Apps Installer (available in Android Market), and use the manager to install Skype.apk.