Previously we mentioned about Firefox 3.1 Beta Smart Location Bar new feature enhancement, there is another good improvement known as TraceMonkey that is worth to be mentioned here. Most software we run in computer is already compiled into binary code in advance in order to make the programs execute faster. However, JavaScript usually is interpreted line by line during running has caused longer time needed for responding. TaceMonkey or known as just-in-time compiler, is designed to only concentrate on translating selected high-priority portion of software. It finds loop of repeated activity where program often spend lot of time, then compile into native instructions the computer can understand, eventually improves the web browsing performance significantly. Although TraceMonkey is off in Firefox 3.1 by default as it is not entirely bug-free, but you can turn this feature on to have a try and to make web browsing faster by changing the value in the configuration settings with only a few simple steps.

Follow below steps to enable TraceMonkey in Firefox 3.1 beta version:
1) Launch Firefox browser
2) In the location bar, type about:config then press enter
3) A warning page “This might void your warranty!” will be displayed. Click “I’II be careful, I promise!” button to proceed.
4) In the Filter textbox, type
5) Double click under Preference Name to change the value from false to true.

Hopefully this will help you enable TraceMonkey and eventually make your net surfing a more pleasurable one with the improvement .