Previously we mentioned about the way to flash Dreambox DM500s using FlashWizard, but in case for any reason that your decoder is not detectable or hang half way not even booted into the Linux GUI, here is another simple steps that you can try recovering your system using Universal DreamUp utility with RS232 serial COM port commonly found in Dreambox decoders.

First, make sure that you have the right type of null modem serial RS232 COM cable that can be purchased in electronics shop. Just in case you can’t find any, there is a way to rework it by salvaging two normal COM cable with cross connection between pin 2 and 3 of your COM port. In other word, there are only 3 pins that are required for connectivity, namely pin 2, 3 and pin 5. While sustaining pin 5 from one end to the other, just connect pin 2 (of one end) to pin 3 (of the other end) and vice versa and you are done (Refer simple diagram below).

Once after download the Universal DreamUp utility, launch it with both PC and Dreambox decoder connected and you are ready to go. First, go to select the correct Com port on the utility screen (corresponding to the one used on your PC). Remember to not tick the ‘Use Network’ and leave all the Local IP/ Remote IP empty. If the connectivity is successful, you will notice the ‘Box attached and ready’ message on the status. To be safe, do the flash erase that will clear everything single content in the flash embedded in the system. Then, browse for the correct image file (in .IMG format) and do the new flashing by clicking on ‘Flash’ button. The speed is pretty slow, with 10kb per second uploading that will normally take approximately 10 minutes to complete the whole flashing process.

Once completed, it will calculate CRC32 on STB, erase flash as well as flashing from its memory. Hopefully all these simple steps will serve as an alternative just in case you are not able to flash your Dreambox decoders by any means.