Some websites use a special directive instruction that prevents web browser from offering to save and remember the user name and password credentials for future automatic login. These websites, especially secure HTTPS sites, uses <form autocomplete=”OFF”> tag in the form elements’ source code.

While AutoComplete attribute is controversial as it clearly indicate that the auto-complete feature should be disabled for the form, but does not clearly state the status of whether allowing the password to be saved and remembered by web browser for automatically filling in on next session. Whatever, some web browser such as Google Chrome obeys the tag strictly, and will never prompt or offer to save the password.

If the Google Chrome does not offer or prompt an option to save password after logging in to an Internet websites, there is an extension for Google Chrome that able to force Google Chrome to allow saving and remembering of passwords.

Autocomplete = on extension for Google Chrome can be used to allow the browser to save the password. It works on most Internet banking websites and other popular sites. Restart the Chrome browser after installing.

Note that the extension can cause the browser to remember past input on other text fields as well. And users will be warned that the extension will have access to your private data on all websites before installing.