Google Chrome has added support for extensions. Much similar to add-ons in Firefox and Internet Explorer or widgets in Opera, Google Chrome extensions allow user to add more features and functionality to the web browser.

According to Google Chrome Help, there are the different types of extensions that are available:

  • Browser actions – extensions that add a button next to the Page and Tools menus to let user conveniently performs a task (such as accessing a site or checking for updates) no matter what page user is visiting.
  • Page actions – extensions that can detect whenever user is on a certain type of page and display an icon in the address bar, and allow user to click the icon to do an action on the page.
  • Content scripts – extensions that can directly interact with the web page user is visiting.

Extensions are currently supported on Google Chrome Beta channel build for Windows and Linux, and on the Google Chrome Dev channel build for Mac. And installing extension to Google Chrome browser is as easy as clicking on “Install” button on the Google Chrome extensions list, which also support installing user scripts to Chromium.

So, where to find Google Chrome Chromium extensions? Google has maintained a Chrome Extensions gallery, which lists out all available extensions for Google Chrome or Chromium browser that been submitted by developers. Google Chrome Extensions gallery can be visited at the following link location:

Google Chrome Extensions Gallery

User can browse or search the gallery for extensions. Some categories are available for easy sorting, such as most popular, most recent, top rated and featured extensions. Some extensions that are available, for example, are Google Mail Checker, Google Translate, RSS Subscription Extension, Google Wave Notifier, AdThwart, Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer, IE Tab, AdBlock, Google Reader Notifier, Send from Gmail, Google Calender Checker, Google Voice Notifier, Gooogle Translate and more. Unfortunately, some much awaited and requested extensions, such as Google Toolbar and Google Bookmarks are not available yet.

Unlike Firefox, installation of extensions in Google Chrome normally does not require restart of the browser. And it’s possible to disable or remove the extensions installed in Chrome easily.

Extensions, together with web apps and themes are now listed in Chrome Web Store.