Quite some times back we did mention a simple tips on how to self clean virus on Symbian phone that will hard reset your mobile device to its factory default condition but in case the security code, which is required before you can proceed to hard reset your mobile device has been changed (default one is 12345) and you cannot recall the right one, here is another useful code that can be used to hard reset your mobile phone to original factory condition without worrying about the security code correctness.

For the start, make sure the phone is in OFF condition. On the phone keypad, press and hold down the key ‘3’, ‘*’ and ‘Talk’ buttons simultaneously, then followed by a power ON button press. Wait for few seconds until a ‘formatting’ word appeared on the mobile screen and then release the buttons. The whole process will take less than one minute with the progress bar showing the status of formatting. Again be cautious that by doing these combination button press you are actually doing a deep hard reset on your mobile, which also means it will erase everything including your profile, personal data and put the phone back to factory default setting.

This is especially useful whenever your symbian mobile phone is experiencing software instability due to virus infection or installed applications and without costing you any cent, the simple tips will help you recover them in simple steps.