The Olympic Games craze has begun officially, and as the biggest search engine in the world, Google certain won’t miss out a piece of action. In fact, users can now ‘search’ for competition scores or results, upcoming schedules and country medal count tally, in addition to many other services dedicated to the Olympic Games.

Olympic Medal Count Tally

Search for “olympic”, “olympics”, “beijing olympics”, “olympics 2008” or variants will return a table of overall medal count ranking tally in the form of onebox (a special Google result on top of regular search results).

Olympic Medal Count by Google

Country Specific Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Count

To get to know the number of medals your country has won, just type into the Google search box “olympic country name”, where country name is of course the name of your country (note: sequence of olympic country or country olympic and olympic or olympics are not important).

For example, “olympic usa” and “united states olympics” both return gold, silver, bronze and total medal tally won by United States of America so far.

Live Scores and Results of Olympic Games Sport

To get the latest live score and result for sports competed in Olympics, just type “olympics sport name” (again, sequence and ‘s’ is not important, as long as there is olympic in the query). For example, “olympic soccer”, “olympics athletics”, “swimming olympics” will bring out the onebox with result and medal winners for the latest concluded event in the sports. If there is no event in the sports awarded any medal yet, the upcoming match schedule is displayed.

Upcoming Schedule for Events in Olympics Sports

Search for “sport name olympic schedule” will return the upcoming scheduled events for the particular sport during the Summer Olympics. Again, olympic and olympics can be used interchangeably and sequence is not important. Best of all, all schedule is accompanied with official Olympics logo icon for the sports.

Olympic Schedule with Games Logo Icon

All onebox is linked to official website.