Steve Jobs announced during the WWDC 2011 keynote address that iCloud will be replacing MobileMe, which will be closed down by June 30, 2012, and has not been accepting new subscribers since February 2011. iCloud will be launched by Fall 2011, which many expects in September. The MobileMe boxes, Individual or Family Pack versions, which were sold in Apple Retail Stores, Apple Online Store, and other authorized resellers until June 6, 2011 has also been taken off the shelves. When signing up for iCloud, MobileMe users will be easily transitioned mail, contacts, calendars and bookmarks to iCloud and kept existing or email address.

MobileMe to iCloud Transition

As MobileMe annual subscription costs a hefty $99 per year, which is considering exorbitantly expansive considering iCloud offering most of the services for free, it’s worth start taking action now to terminate and cancel ongoing MobileMe subscriptions as all active MobileMe subscribers automatically has the service extended through June 30, 2012 for free, at no extra charge. In other words, the faster the subscription is terminated, the more refund you will be entitled to. It’s also possible to get refund for unused activation codes.

Apple has published more information about MobileMe box refunds and subscription cancellations. Apple customers who own a MobileMe active subscriptions will either get a full refund or partial refund depending on how long the subscription has been used.

Unused activation code (MobileMe boxes) or activation which was done within last 45 days or less will get a full refund minus any shipping costs or rebates that were applied to your original purchase.

For MobileMe subscription where activation was done more than 45 days ago, a pro-rated partial refund is eligible, minus any shipping costs or rebates that were applied to your original purchase.

Most MobileMe users will have to request refund for unused activation codes through Unused activation codes added to MobileMe account will automatically shown the option to request refund.

To cancel MobileMe subscription, go to The amount of refund that you entitled to is calculated based on the date you submitted your request, so cancel earlier will get you a few more cents. And canceling current activate MobileMe subscription does not affect the usage of service, as it’s free until the service is shutdown next year.

Refund request for activation codes that have not been added to MobileMe account, proof of purchase in the form of a scan or photo of the unused activation code and/or purchase receipt is required.

iCloud will probably lack several features of MobileMe, such as iDisk, iWeb Publish and MobileMe Gallery. However, iCloud includes 5GB of free online storage space for storing backup and syncing files between iOS devices and computers, and comes with Photo Stream which wirelessly sync photos taken on an iOS device, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to all other devices.

While the full suite of iCloud service will only available in Fall, iTunes in the Cloud has already available for iOS 4.3 users, which support managing and downloading of App Store purchases.