Previously we mentioned about the way to load CCcam file using FTP or using CCcam.cfg Editor and if you think that is too simpler for advanced users, here is another more complicated utility that users can try. Named as CCcam lines manager, it has the same feature as CCcam but with additional ability to add F-line and create C-line in simple windows based User Interface.

Once download and run the executable file (no installation required), users will be brought to a simple interface. For the start, just key in the Dreambox IP (can be obtained from Communication Setup in Dreambox), username and password (default is ‘root’ and ‘dreambox’) followed by ‘Connection test’ press. After a successful connection is established, users can now add new c-line account just like what can be done by CCcam.cfg Editor. On top of these, CCcam lines manager can do more like such as adding F-line and create C-line for your friend. That is not all, it also allows users to configure the max hop and reshare level whenever users plan to reshare the card sharing with either EMU enabled/or disabled. Whenever there is any change required, remember to click on ‘Enable manual edit’ so that users can directly edit both the C-line and F-line on the screen. Once completed, click on ‘Save CCcam.cfg to dream’ will make the change effective.

Hopefully this will serve as a good alternative for those that would like to load both C-line and F-line easily into Dreambox decoder for card sharing.