Internet Explorer web browser has a makeover on the Favorites feature, which stores and saves bookmarks of websites and web pages since IE 7 and IE 8. Now the favorites folder takes a prominent location on the top right corner of browser window. And unlike Firefox, IE7 or IE8 can easily open a favorite into a new tab.

For user who wants to open the links from Favorites in a new tab instead of replacing existing open tab, just click on the “blue arrow” at the end of the name of the favorite to open the link in new tab, as shown in the figure below.

Open Favorite in New Tab by Clicking on Blue Arrow

Alternatively, just right click on the link in Favorites folder, and then select Open in New Tab option from context menu.

For user who wants to open Favorite link in new tab is all circumstances regardless of how the favorite is opened (e.g. IE will open a favorite in new tab when user is only click on the link), download and install IE7Pro, and then check the Open New Tab from Favorite option. Then, user can always open Favorite in new tab.