Each and every Gmail account has two email addresses, one is commonly known regular @gmail.com while another email address that can also be used to receive mail message is ending with @googlemail.com domain. Both email addresses also support multiple email aliases by adding plus symbol (for label) and dots (any number of them) to Gmail user name.

GmailGoogle Mail

Google Mail is a workaround solution by Gmail to provide its service in United Kingdom (UK) and Germany where there is trademark dispute on rights to own the name of Gmail. Both domains basically points to the same mailbox of the user name. For example, for an Gmail account with default e-mail address of billgates@gmail.com, all email messages sent to billgates@googlemail.com will also be delivered to the same inbox, and vice versa.

While people UK and Germany is looking for hacks to register a @gmail.com account instead of using @googlemail.com address, Google enthusiasts around the world may prefer an email address with a “Google” in it for real. Registering a @googlemail.com Gmail account will set the @googlemail.com email address as default mail address, allow user to login to Google Account with @googlemail.com address (although using just user name alias or change it to @gmail.com also work to log on) and display reference to user’s e-mail address as @googlemail.com address all over in Google websites.

@googlemail.com Email Address

To sign up and register for a Google Account and Gmail account with @googlemail.com domain (the hack only needed outside of UK and Germany), simply start your account creation process using this Google Account Sign Up link.

The URL is not much different from standard Google Account sign up page link location, except that a flag or switch of “&gd=1” has been appended to the URL to force Google to use @googlemail.com domain for the Gmail email address.