We just mentioned the way of how to set favorite channel startup service on Dreambox DM500s decoder, but in case you are still looking for ways on how to sort or move all the favorite channel lists so that all can be easily accessible without memorizing or jumping in random order, here is a simple steps that you can follow to get it done.

  1. On your remote control, press OK to go to color button (Red for All Services; Green for Satellites; Yellow for Providers or Blue for Bouquets) to browse to the satellite and channel lists that you prefer. Ex: Discovery under Thaicom KU satellite.
  2. On the channel list, highlight and then press Menu button, a Service Menu will pop up that allow users to set or reset startup service, on top of rename, delete, create new bouquet, enable move/edit mode and many more.
  3. Browse to ‘enable move mode’ will allow users to change the entry order so that all of them can be sorted in preferred sequence.
  4. Press on OK button will point back to previous channel lists. Go to desired channel followed by another OK button press will highlight the channel in RED.
  5. Press on Ch+/- button will bring the respective channel up or down and once the new position is where you would like it to be, press OK button will de-highlight the channel and it will stay there. Do remember to repeat step iii. to disable move mode so that the channels will permanently there unless you decide to move it again.

By doing this, you will able to sort all them in good sequence order. For instances, all your favorite sports channels first, followed by documentary, movies and so on so that you can retrieve them easily by controlling Ch+/- (up/down) button on your remote control. Depending on own preference, users can choose to create a new Bouquet and move them all for better segregation in case the channel lists are too huge to be moved from one to another.