Previously we mentioned about the methods on how to load CCcam card sharing account into Dreambox for newbies and using FTP method but if you wonder how to set it up after you have the card sharing account, here are some simple steps that you can follow.

Basically there are two parts that need to be taken care before it can work correctly.

  1. First, ensure that you have sufficient signal strength from satellite by going to Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching -> Satfind.
  2. Check the SNR, AGC and BER indicators and as long as you have the dish pointing to right direction accurately, you should get high SNR (depending on satellites, a good strength should be around 85% or higher) and AGC but with low BER (as low as zero for Bit Error Rate).
  3. Once satellite is locked, both LOCK and SYNC should get ticked. Note that this is a pre-requisite before you move to next step.

By now, you should be able to receive FTA (Free-to-Air) channels but if you are looking for encrypted channels using card sharing, then another important networking element needs to be fixed as below:

  1. Assuming that you have already plugged in network cable with internet access, and in order to confirm the network port is working, go to Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching -> Expert Setup -> Communication, ensure that DHCP box is ticked.
  2. Restart your decoder and check the IP address of your decoder and you should get a correct IP address being assigned (under the same subnet as per your ADSL modem), or otherwise try to fix your network portion, either the cable connectivity, router or decoder’s Ethernet port first.

Until now, you should able to receive both free and encrypted channels from the air, depending on how the server has been setup. Hopefully these simple steps will help you troubleshoot any issue and set them up by yourself without professional’s assistance.