Pico projector is not something really new and you may have seen some standalone tiny projector prototypes but have you ever wonder that the tiny module could potentially be integrated into notebook or tablet design? This could be something new that HP is trying to push as a key differentiator in this competitive market space.

According to its VP in Personal Computing Systems Group, Monty Wong, their focus in this year will mainly concentrate on tablets PC and mini projectors and technology convergence by integrating the tiny projector module into tablet PC is feasible. He further elaborated that placement of mini projector module is possible at where the webcam normally be mounted but instead of facing its users, it will be faced outward or in a rotational mode so that the projection can be directed on the wall without being obstructed at any time, creating additional business values for end users. Just imagine, now business executives or professionals no longer need to search for separate projector for presentation or sharing session and by just simply turn the embedded projector module on, they are ready to go.

However, there may still some technical challenges such as the cooling and thermal solution before it can be fully realized and ready to market. No expected release date yet, HP will likely engage with ODM such as Quanta Computer to leverage its expertise to accelerate the design and shorten time-to-market.