The long anticipated Sprint first 4G capable smartphone HTC Evo 4G has finally arrived in consumer space but seems that the glitch never end with the recent SD bug issue that are supposed to be fixed by OTA (On-The-Air) upgrade. Just recently, some early users have reported additional WiFi connection problem related to poor reception as well as Qik Video chat server overloaded issues.

The first issue on WiFi connection problem is more visible when the smartphone is placed somewhere further from the access point and when users move closer to it, it becomes less severe. However, no root cause has been identified yet and apparently the EVO 4G is blamed since no similar issue observed on other WiFi-capable clients at same proximity. The second issue related to Qik Video chat application has been acknowledged and seems to be related to a huge increase of the number of users joining the service, which is around 20X increase of the amount of workload versus the capability of its servers, which resulting in intermittent access and connectivity issues from time to time.

Regardless of what it is, HTC Evo 4G is no doubt a great smartphone device especially as the first 4G capable devices that can provide excessive bandwidth with high quality video streaming simultaneously with wide range of open market Android apps support.