HTC brand smartphone is one of the famous Windows mobile devices that have been widely accepted by consumers worldwide. Being designed and powered with various functionality targeted for different levels of user group in sleek and stylish form factor, it has managed to gain good position among other famous brand name besides Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s blackberry and etc. However, there is always a complaint by consumers especially on its proprietary standard USB-based audio jack that make it not compatible with other common earpieces in the market. Good news now, HTC finally agrees to revise its proprietary audio jack to standard 3.5mm to reduce consumers’ frustration without the need to look for special made converter for it to work correctly.


Although physically the HTC audio jack looks quite similar to standard mini USB connector, but in actual fact it won’t be able to work as normal USB interface and usually users will have to either find an adapter to fit it into the custom made interface or to only use the HTC-bundled headset, which always creates confusion and frustration whenever there is a need to look for solution.

You may wonder if there is any plan to standardize the audio jack as similar to the initiative to standardize travel charger as proposed by European Union but again it may get another round of strong debate since most manufacturers would prefer to stay at own standard instead of adopting others’ one. Anyway, the new design is expected to be incorporated into HTC Hero, an Android powered smartphone that will be released soon in the market.