Previously we mentioned about RIM’s Patent Idea with next generation touch screen module featured with both resistive and capacitive capabilities, here is an alternative patent idea with different approach that targets at the same goal – getting the best out of both technologies as a benefit for mobile users. Just recently, HTC has filed an innovative patent idea on how to make a stylus capable on accurate tap even on capacitive LCD screen.


Most of the high end mobile device has been designed with easy use and finger-friendly capacitive touch screen with Apple’s iPhone or Palm’s Pre are among those that are famous and managed to gain great traction. However, when talking about accuracy especially when tapping on tiny icon or writing on the space constraint screen, capacitive touch screen is still cannot compete with conventional resistive touch screen technology. So, HTC has came out with idea that intends to have a stylus designed to work with capacitive touch screen utilizing its “induced currents and magic” approach.

Although the idea is still in paper and it may have to wait a while before the actual implementation can be seen at end product, but this is definitely a good initiative towards bridging the gap for greater user interface and experience in future mobile devices.