Huawei Technologies, China’s leader in next generation telecommunication products has demonstrated a femtocell base station during Expo Comm Wireless Japan 2007 last week. The femtocell prototype which is still under development is capable of supporting both HSDPA and HSUPA to extend the high speed data transmission for the indoor coverage in home or building, which is normally not able to be covered by outdoor base stations.

The China-based company, which was having a success story after winning the deal with BT (British Telecom), major Telco in UK has made another big step to enter to Japan market. Although Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world that have well established 3G base stations network coverage, but Huawei is confident that it still can penetrate into the market well with its newly developed base station. One of the opportunities they have foreseen is the poor indoor network access especially in the urban area have that higher density of tall buildings populated. Another advantages of having this femtocell technology is the implementation cost is much lower as it can re-use some of the existing network infrastructure in Japan.

Huawei is currently working with Japan mobile operators such as eMobile Ltd to bring its state-of-the-art technology to world wide market. Its sales continue to rise at around 40 percent per annum and are expected to exceed one trillion YEN in 2007.

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