Huawei Technologies, a telecommunications networks solution provider and manufacturer has introduced its tiny design and high speed E220 HSDPA USB modem. This might be good news to the computer nerds that stick to their computers and are online almost 24 hours!

huawei.JPGThis mini size USB modem is designed in compliance with HSDPA/3G and EDGE/GPRS specifications. It senses the strength of HSDPA/3G and EDGE/GPRS networks on a real-time basis. Users can actually choose the network freely: HSDPA, 3G, EDGE. GPRS or GSM. According to Huawei, this compact modem is on plug-and-play basis and it can be connected to a laptop or PC via USB easily without any driver installations. The E220 delivers an access rate of up to 3.6Mbps on HSDPA networks, 384Kbps on 3G networks, 236.8Kbps on EDGE networks and 53.6Kbps on GPRS.

Even though E220 is quite easy to use according to the manufacturer, many users complained about its compatibility especially with Window Vista operating system. The system seems to have problems in detecting the device as a modem. Some configurations need to be done before it works smoothly. If you are having this problem, perhap the movie clip below can help: