Huawei Technologies, a telecommunications networks solution provider and manufacturer has introduced its tiny design and high speed E220 HSDPA USB modem. This might be good news to the computer nerds that stick to their computers and are online almost 24 hours!

huawei.JPGThis mini size USB modem is designed in compliance with HSDPA/3G and EDGE/GPRS specifications. It senses the strength of HSDPA/3G and EDGE/GPRS networks on a real-time basis. Users can actually choose the network freely: HSDPA, 3G, EDGE. GPRS or GSM. According to Huawei, this compact modem is on plug-and-play basis and it can be connected to a laptop or PC via USB easily without any driver installations. The E220 delivers an access rate of up to 3.6Mbps on HSDPA networks, 384Kbps on 3G networks, 236.8Kbps on EDGE networks and 53.6Kbps on GPRS.

Even though E220 is quite easy to use according to the manufacturer, many users complained about its compatibility especially with Window Vista operating system. The system seems to have problems in detecting the device as a modem. Some configurations need to be done before it works smoothly. If you are having this problem, perhap the movie clip below can help:

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  • huawei hater (recently)

    Please, No one should get a Huawei E220 – it doesn’t seem to work on win 7, and the company doesn’t make any drivers available for win 7. This is the crappiest service I have seen in a loooooong time. Shame on you for still trying to sell this to innocent customers! Bleeeaaahhg.

  • amkech

    My computer can not take huawei E220. I don’t know what is wrong. Please help me solve this problem urgently.
    I am using windows 7 Alienware 32bit.

  • need drivers for hauweie220

  • Is there a universal driver for huawei modems?

  • B. Abel Learwellie


    My computer can not take huawei E220. I don't know what is wrong. Please help me solve this problem urgently

  • alazmi

    my mobile connet set up has been change to mobile partner.i cannot used huawei e220 modem anymore because of please help me how to overcome my problem,thanks.

  • the_integrator

    Thanks :-)

  • Amila Prasanna

    how can i configure Huawei Vodafone E220 HSDPA USB modem to UBUNTU 8.04 version….?please help me…

  • kay

    hey guys, there is new upts update for E220 dated june 2009 at HUAWEI and it does'nt want 2 update, can anyone help?

  • ralf

    wich driver do you need to download?

    the host or the utps?

  • Gayan

    How can I use Huawei E220 with win98?

    how can I install the relavant software?

    pls. reply


  • nemo_272006

    thoes are updates thank you :) but I need the whole driver, the driver that comes with the modem doesn't worck on my pc, that's why I'm searching for a newer driver version and not a driver update :)

  • xh05t3d

    please visit

    to download driver huawei E220

  • oeoeo

    Where i can download driver huawei e220 driver – Huawei E220 Drivers – huawei e220 driver

  • Keza

    please, i am getting the same errow 169, port has been closed with more than 15 modems; something is wrong with your modems. please reply or give us a solution

  • lfelipe.dias@hotmail

    vamos EXPULSAR A TIM DE MANAUS, ou eles corrigem essa aberração de conexão (ou melhor "recado") ou saem daquí.

    Tô aqui para respostas

  • neesa

    what the meaning with error 169 A. there's something wrong with the network, so the port is closed / disconnected. What's wrong? What should I do?

  • download driver huawei E220