huawei583xThe emergence of those tiny, portable and flash drive shaped HSDPA modems do give frequent travelers and businessmen a lot of convenience to access internet when they are oin the move. The reputable networking and telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Huawei, introduced the small portable modem by showcasing its E583X wireless modem at CommunicAsia 2009.

The new Huawei’s E583X is connected to a computer wirelessly. This tiny modem will detect and acquire 3G wireless signal and thence transmit to the computer as WiFi signal. With this technology, users do not have to worry if they forget to bring the cable or if there is limited desktop space to place their modem. The E583X is powered with a 1,500mAh battery which can provide five hours of signal beaming wirelessly. Users can charge the modem by pluging via USB. Of course users can still connect the tiny gadget to the computer like other regular HSDPA modems.