Paperless corporations worldwide may be a far way off but e-book readers are a step in the right direction. E-book readers are not only attractive to bookworms for pleasure reading but also commercial users or corporate executives to access documents in e-paper mode. Apart from being environmentally friendly and conveniently portable, the technology can also ensure higher security. Haipagia’s Hyper Gear e-reader (HGSEALED model) allows companies to store documents in encrypted format so that the information is protected even if the device is stolen or lost. Besides it also prevents staff who need to take work home from removing any files from the device.

The Hyper Gear e-reader features a 6-inch display with a 600 x 800 resolution. The device measures 7.4 x 4.65 x 0.36 inches and weighs less than 6.5 oz. It is both portable and secure for users on the go. The software supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF formats. For about $1000, users can get their hands on the starter kit consisting of an e-reader and two software packages; for an additional $430, users can get a an additional e-reader unit.