In IE9 (Internet Explorer 9), some web pages that contain Java applets are not working properly, where the Java applets are not loading properly. The space which supposedly to load the Java applets simply appear blank in white background.

The Java is not working or running in IE9 problem happens despite user has installed the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) into Windows 7 or Windows Vista, and the Java Plug-in has been enabled as add-on for IE. The affected web pages with Java applets have been working properly in IE8 or earlier.

The non-working of Java applet can be problematic as many websites, web services and web apps depend on Java, especially for login authentication to secure sites such as Internet banking or brokerage accounts. Java may also be used to develop games, stream live results, scores, foreign exchange (forex) rates or stock prices, playback video or audio, and present other interactive information.

The reason of Java not loading or not working in IE9 is because the Java applets has been blocked or filtered by ActiveX Filtering, a new feature in IE9 to enhance trustworthy browsing. Until IE or Java is updated to compatible with the ActiveX Filtering functionality so that Java is considered trustworthy and allowed, the solution is to temporarily turn off ActiveX Filtering.

Here’s how to turn off or disable ActiveX Filtering in IE9.

If you manage to get Java loading in IE9, you may encounter another problem where Java causes tab/page to crash. Here’s the fix for tabs crash and reload on web page with Java issue.