If ever you’re asked to man the grill and find it a chore standing over the barbeque and not very sure when to turn the vegetables or meat, iDevices has recently released a unique app-enabled wireless cooking thermometer linked to IPhone, iPad, and iPod touch via Bluetooth. Dubbed iGrill, the device features a probe that is inserted into the grill and a display with a simple interface. The probe transmits temperature readings to compatible Apple devices via Bluetooth connection. This enables the user to monitor the grill easily and accurately while having the luxury of mingling with guests and turning out perfectly grilled food.

The Bluetooth-enabled device functions over a 20 meter range and can track temperatures up to 204°C. The probe comes in multiple options and is easy to clean. The touch screen display can show remaining cooking time and also function as an alarm clock. This award-winning product offers added value for Apple users and contributes towards a more integrated and convenient lifestyle.