The start up speed of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) can be slow sometimes, where running and opening a new instance of IE web browser frame window could take several seconds to complete. Besides, when opening new tab in IE 8, even if it’s a blank tab, the new tab opening process may be slow to frustration too, with “Connecting…” description on Tab bar when launching new tab.

Connecting New Tab in IE8

One of the main reason why IE8 browser window and tabs launches slowly is due to myriad of add ons or plug-ins that been installed and loaded by IE browser. To help users to identify what add-ons or plugins that causing Internet Explorer runs slowly, Internet Explorer 8 has included the a load time information for all addons on its interface.

To view the loading time of add-ons, head to Tools -> Manage Add-ons menu in Internet Explorer 8. For most toolbars, add-ons, plugins and extensions, their loading time, which cause the delay of IE startup or tab opening as it’s added on top of normal window frame or tab loading time, is displayed in the column name “Load Time”.

Load Time of Add-Ons in IE8

Microsoft not only lists the installed toolbars, plugins and add-ons but also their loading time. This loading time is added on top of the normal tab loading time in Internet Explorer. It is now easy with the tools at hand to analyze the toolbars and plugins that increase the tab and window loading time in Internet Explorer the most and find ways to deal with the situation.

The load time of add-ons is normally in seconds, if it’s in minutes that the add-on should be removed immediately. For add-ons that take too much time and slow to load, it’s possible to disable the toolbar or extension immediately by clicking on Disable button. IE8 will also automatically search for related add-ons and present a choice to disable these related add-ons as well.

The loading time of some plugins and toolbars is not displayed in the manager. Disabling these can also have a positive effect on the tab and window loading times in Internet Explorer.