InFocus, an industry global leader in Digital Projector market has initiated collaboration effort with DisplayLink in development of its future Digital Projector products based on DisplayLink technology. DisplayLink is famous for its USB graphics solution that can replace existing video interfaces such as VGA, DVI or S-Video for contents to be displayed on LCD panel or projected on the wall. You may have seen other solutions based on DisplayLink but InFocus is the first company that plans to integrate it into its new digital projectors.


DisplayLink takes advantages of common accessibility of USB interfaces with high bandwidth available for media transmission. You can hardly find any laptop that is without USB 2.0 ports in today’s computer world. Besides, the easy plug and play feature of USB simplifies the projector setup during any business presentation or foils sharing, which makes the whole session more effectively for both individual and corporate use.

We should expect to see Infocus projector with USB interface available in market by second half of 2008. Although there is no firm plan of whether wireless capability will be enabled, but the solution is already there when DisplayLink announced partnership with Alereon since end of last year.

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