Previously we have seen Intel showcased Moorestown prototype during IDF Taiwan by end of last year, and as a continuous effort to promote Intel Atom family processor for MID (Mobile Internet Device) and UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) market, Intel has collaborated with LG to bring the next generation thermally efficient Moorestown based MID to consumer market.


If you recall, Moorestown is a follow on product of current Intel Atom family that will be even more power efficient targeted to prolong battery life on mobile devices. It will have integrated memory controller, graphics core with hardware video decode capability all in a single silicon and further coupled with Langwell I/O hub that will able to extend its full expansion interfaces to support wireless technology such as WiFi and WiMAX for seamless connectivity. To make the whole platform more powerful, the MID will be preloaded with Moblin 2.0, a Linux based OS (Operating System) that has been specifically optimized for Intel Atom products to bring much richer and desktop like web browsing experience for mobile users.

The LG product is believed to be one of the earliest available Moorestown based MID and it will reach market space by 2011.