As an effort to make SSD (Solid State Device) more affordable and popular in PC market, Intel Inc is collaborating with Micron to come out with a next generation 34-nm process technology SSDs with lower cost. However, the shipment may need to be delayed or halted after the giant chipmaker confirmed the data corruption issue happened on all its new series SSDs.

The symptom doesn’t occur in normal applications and it will only surface when users set password in BIOS drive but later decide to change or disable it. If there is a power loss or the PC is turned off, users will not able to access the data and the hard disk drive will becomes inoperable. As an interim solution, Intel Inc is advising its customers so that they don’t change or disable the password that had been set in BIOS initially and further assures that there will be a new firmware update specifically target on this erratum released to customers within next two weeks time.

No actual root cause being disclosed yet, even though the company has confirmed that the software fix will able to rectify the issue without the need to return the physical units. Currently the software fix is still under validation but Intel further stressed that consumers may not able to recover the data stored in SSDs as it may be overwritten by the latest firmware update. Nevertheless, the giant chipmaker reacts quite efficiently that reduces the impact with manageable situation to resume the shipment once it has been resolved with software fixes.