Intel Inc, has just showcased the next generation Atom processor during the recent Spring IDF (Intel Developer Forum) event held in Beijing. The new processor, codenamed as Moorestown will be the successor for the existing Atom families enhanced with more advanced architecture technology while maintaining much lower power consumption suitable for mobile markets.


The specialty about this next generation processor is it has been redesigned by integrating memory controller, graphics and media encode/decode capability into a single core so that it conserves space as well as power consumption while able to perform better in mobile computing. Surprisingly, the processor is claimed to only consume 10 times lesser as compared to current Atom solution and believed to the right candidate that can bring Intel Inc into smartphone market, competing against ARM based processors that are still monopolizing the fast growing market at this moment.

In conjunction with the announcement, the giant chipmaker also officially launched two new Intel Atom processors with 2GHz and Burst Mode Performance technology that we mentioned earlier.