There are always many non-standard form factors PC systems being initiated by OEM and according to reliable source, Intel, the giant chipmaker is collaborating with major board manufacturers with intention to adopt a standardized form factor for AIO (All-in-One) PC.

As reported by Digitimes, the giant chipmaker is proposing the use of Mini-ITX form factor as the new standard with intention to drive down the cost of AIO as a benefit for all. If you aware, AIO PCs’ retail prices are still far higher as compared to conventional PC. Some of the famous manufacturers that have been approached including ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems), MSI (MicroStar International), Mitac International and similar approach is expected to continue on more board makers.

While it seems to be a win-win situation for both manufacturers as well as consumers with ability to bring down the cost, but whether all the manufacturers will buy in the proposal are still a concern especially those famous one like Apple, Gateway or Dell which are already in this market for quite a while. This was partly due to the popular use of discrete graphics card which is still in MXM form factor that may not compatible nor fit well with the proposed mini-ITX form factor. At the same time, it may limit the creativity and design capability of the designer with limitation on mini-ITX design but not other innovative shapes.