Intel has launched its low cost quad-core mobile processor and added more mobile Core 2 Duo processors to its chip lineup. The new Intel Core 2 Quad Mobile Processor Q9000 has been used by Acer in its new released Aspire 8930G-7665 laptop. For extreme gaming experience, this laptop features with 2.53GHz Processor, 18.4 inch WUXGA screen and Nvidia GeForce 9700M GT graphics. The Aspire 8930G-7665 is at the price of $1,799.


The price of Q9000 mobile quad processor is $348. It is significantly less expensive as compared with QX9300 and Q9100 mobile quad-core processor which at the price of $1038 and $851. However, Q9000 only have 6MB of cache memory, half the amount cache memory of 12MB for QX9300 and Q9100.

Beside Q9000, Intel also released others mobile processor which include 2.93GHz T9800 at price of $ 530, 2.66 GHz P9600 Core 2 Duo at price of $348, 2.66 GHz T9550 at price of $316 and 2.53 GHz P8700 at price of $241.T series processors have a TDP( thermal design power) of 35 watts, while P series chips have 25W TDP.