Apple’s iPhone has been gaining much traction among consumer space and giant chipmaker like Intel Inc is eagerly hoping to tap into the big pie by keep promoting its Moorestown platform, a new Atom based architecture solution targeted for its next generation product such as the upcoming Apple Tablet PC. However, the proposal has been rejected due to the relatively high power consumption that will definitely shorten the battery life drastically as compared to existing ARM based processor.


Although Moorestown is claimed to be 10 times much more lower power consumption as compared to existing Intel Atom Z5XX solution but the power figure that the giant chipmaker has always proud of may still appear to be too high for Apple Inc especially when battery life is crucial as a hard requirement for them. Obviously, Apple development team is using ARM core processor as benchmarking and according to reliable source, they are looking for solution in one-tenth of what Moorestown can achieve especially in idle mode for prolong battery life. More importantly, the acquisition of PA Semi may already equip themselves with hardware capability to develop even much thermally efficient ARM based processor specifically tailored to their needs in either future tablet PC or iPhone products.

Nevertheless, battle between X86 and ARM based architecture will never end here as Intel Inc will definitely continue its technology breakthrough as an attempt to conquer low power and fast growing smartphones or MID market.