In normal working environment, PC system will be remained power on almost all the time for office application and normal task processing. However, there are certain scenarios whereby the PC usage is only required to work during specific event, probably less than ten or twenty percent of the total time. By looking at this opportunity, Intel has just announced a new series of platform that will enable PC system to wake from sleep mode for specific tasks processing such as handling VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls.

Named as DG45FC and DG45ID, the platforms are enhanced with remote wake technology that can wake the whole system up from a power saving sleep mode to continue handling important tasks. Just imagine, now the machine can detect phone call over the Internet and wake up from standby mode to serve the call without any miss. Of course you can choose to let the system permanently on but it will only waste the unnecessary power consumption for nothing. According to Intel spokesperson, it will be able to save a significant power of more than 20 percent as compared to normal operating PC. Besides, there is another usage model that user can purposely wakes the system up remotely via phone call, in case there is a need to do some software patches or document retrievals.

Although this technology is currently only working on Ethernet connection, but it shouldn’t be a major issue since most of the PC systems in the market are designed with it. Even before Intel plans to release the first shipment by next month, there are already some engagement going on with major OEMs such as HP and Dell to incorporate this feature into future PC products. No doubt, this is another good effort being initiated by giant PC maker towards green environment.