We have been hearing WiMax long range wireless technology for quite a while but seems that it doesn’t get as famous as expected with only quite limited successful rollouts globally. Just recently, Intel has just informed its customers that its WiMax “Rosedale 2” product will get halted due to current economic slowdown. The latest news was sent to its customers through PCN (Product Change Notification) with the last order accepted on June 5th 2009.

The giant chipmaker, in collaboration with ClearWire, the famous WiMax carrier in US market was hoping WiMax technology to be the next success story as an extended range WiFi wireless broadband over large areas so that it could boost up its WiMax chips to consumer market space once the new technology is widely accepted by public. However, it may have to re-align its strategy due to stiff competition of LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G wireless technology as well as bad economic situation.

Nevertheless, the giant chipmaker further emphasized that it will not fully stop its WiMax production but in return, it will spend more resource on Echo Peak, a next generation WiMax chip targeted for mobile computing and hopefully it manages to gain traction when economy situation improves in short future.