In response to a poor benchmarking tests being conducted by PC Perspective on its mainstream SSD (Solid State Device), Intel disagreed with the way the test being conducted and further cited that it doesn’t reflect the actual usage in real computing world. According to PC perspective, Intel X25-M series SSD suffers internal fragmentation issue after a typical power user workload that caused the performance to drop below official specification published by Intel.

The tests were conducted under various environments with both Windows XP and Vista running on three Intel processors (Intel Q9550, Core i7 and Core 2 duo E6400) with different applications such as gaming and batch files copying tasks. However, Intel responded that they have not able to duplicate the results in the lab testing and further argued the results accuracy and commented that the tests didn’t reflect the actual consumer usage in real world environment.

Anyway, the giant chip maker does agree that when the SSD is full or overload, it will have some performance impact but not to the degree that being disclosed by PC Perspective publicly.