Intel Corporation has launched its latest chips recently. The chips are identified as the world’s first chip with a 45-nanometer process, about 30 percent smaller than the current 65-nanometer technology. (There are 1 billion nanometers (nm) in one meter). These advanced chips were created using the company’s latest technique and they are able to etch circuitry nearly 200 times smaller than our human being’s red blood cell.

The skinny size of the chips does not affect the performance of the chips. Even though they are small, the performance has increased substantially. For instance, a 45nm transistor can switch on and off approximately 300 billion times a second. A beam of light travels less than a tenth of an inch during the time it takes a 45nm transistor to switch on and off. Besides, the new chips also achieve better energy efficiency. According to Intel, these new chips will be sold under Intel’s Xeon and Core 2 brand.