You may have experienced that when trying to plug in USB thumb drive into USB port, it doesn’t allow it to be plugged due to wrong orientation. While this seems to be small matter but sometimes it could be annoying especially when you are in urgency to complete some files transfer. In view of such situation, how nice would that be if you don’t need to care about its orientation and the device can be surely fitted into the USB port? Now the designer, Ma Yi Xuan has demonstrated a new concept on how the new type of USB device can be designed for such purpose.

Basically, the innovative USB design consists of two metallic contact layers (one on each side) that can be exposed accordingly regardless on which way you insert the USB devices into USB port. When touching with the right side that has the contact pins, the USB device metallic contact will be revealed to make the contact so that there is no need to care if you are inserting on the right orientation. You can refer to the picture above that gives a clearer explanation.

Even though this is still in conceptual stage and may incur additional BOM (Bill of Material) or manufacturing cost, but we believe that it should be able to make some good traction especially with the popular use of USB based devices in consumer market.