Have you ever wished that you could share the precious moment you are experiencing with loved ones? While taking photos enable you to share it with others, the poignancy and significance of the moment cannot usually be conveyed as photos are not viewed in real time. Isabella Products is set to change all that. The recent announcement of its partnership with AT&T will pioneer the way for the first two-way touchscreen fully interactive photo frame.


The cellular-connected Vizit digital photo frame allows users to receive images via email, MMS, Internet sharing sites, or Vizit-to-Vizit. The device features a 10.4 inch touchscreen LCD and a GSM/GPRS module which enables the sharing of images via the cellular network. When a photo of a newborn is taken, the proud parents can send the image to all their family and friends who will receive the photo instantaneously. The recipients can send replies upon receiving the photo on the Vizit display or forward the photo to others. Vizit can help users who lead busy lives to create a private network to share their lives and narrow the distance between one another.

Vizit features a simple and user-friendly interface. Images sent to a Vizit display will be automatically adjusted to fit the LCD to portray quality photos. A single touch to the screen will pause the slideshow and display the carousal menu. Simple graphic icons and large touch targets on the menu make for easy negotiation of other functions of the device. Users need only to plug in the Vizit photo frame to receive the images as no uploading with the memory stick is required. The slim Vizit measuring 10.9″ in width, 7.4″ in height and 0.65″ in thickness is elegantly designed. Available in two shade in gunmetal or silver, it will retail for $279.99 and requires a monthly or annual photo plan.