In order to encourage more users in exploring the latest and new features contained in iOS 4.3, Apple is now release “iPad User Guide For iOS 4.3 Software” digital e-book in PDF format. This book is aimed to users who has interested to learn about iPad features, how to use the controls and application, how to configure setting and etc.

Chapters of the “iPad User Guide For iOS 4.3 Software” e-book includes:

  • Chapter 1: At a Glance – learn about iPad features, how to use the controls and more.
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started – connect iPad to computer and use iTunes to set up, register and sync content.
  • Chapter 3: Basics – learn how to use apps on iPad, search, print, share files and more.
  • Chapter 4: Safari – how to use Safari on iPad to browse the web and visit favorite sites.
  • Chapter 5: Mail – learn how to use Mail to read email messages and compose new messages.
  • Chapter 6: Camera – how to use the screen to control the back camera and see the photo or video you’re taking.
  • Chapter 7: FaceTime – how to use FaceTime to make video calls over Wi-Fi and use the front camera to talk face-to-face.
  • Chapter 8: Photo Booth – how to make your photo more interesting by applying an effect when you take it.
  • Chapter 9: Photos – how to view, synchronize, manage your favorite photos and videos.
  • Chapter 10: Videos – how to view movies, music videos, video podcasts and etc.
  • Chapter 11: YouTube – how finding and viewing videos from YouTube.
  • Chapter 12: Calendar – how to view and manage Calendar.
  • Chapter 13: Contacts – how to access and edit your contact lists from personal, business and organizational accounts.
  • Chapter 14: Notes – how to writing and reading Notes.
  • Chapter 15: Maps – search for locations, find your current location, drop a pin to mark a location and etc.
  • Chapter 16: iPod – how to adding music and more to iPad.
  • Chapter 17: iTunes Store – how to use the iTunes Store from iPad.
  • Chapter 18: App Store – how to use the App Store from iPad.
  • Chapter 19: iBooks – how to use the iBooks from iPad.
  • Chapter 20: Game Center – discover new games and share your game experiences with friends around the world in Game Center.
  • Chapter 21: Accessibility – accessibility features on iPad.
  • Chapter 22: Settings – how to use settings to personalize iPad apps, set the date and time, configure your network connection and change other iPad settings.

The “iPad User Guide For iOS 4.3 Software” e-book is available as a free download from Apple Manuals in PDF format:

Download “iPad User Guide For iOS 4.3 Software” e-book: ipad_2_user_guide.pdf