Is iPhone 4 is iCrap? And is Steve Jobs is Darth Vader, the much hated antagonist fictional character from the Star Wars saga? Apple fanboys will definitely not think so, but that does not stop those who sicks of people keeps buying an overpriced phone that packs more style than substance from poking fun on the Apple customers, this time in a ludicrous and somewhat provoking animation.

NextMedia Animation from Taiwan produces an video animation for its sister television news network NMA News that sums up the problems (Steve Jobs is probably treating it as bad luck) that faced by Apple, from multiple suicides at iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, stolen iPhone 4 prototype, iPhone 4 bad antenna design, less than perfect proximity sensor on iPhone 4 and attempt to alleviate the problem or mitigate antennagate by asking user to hold phone in exact style, offering free bumper case, while hoping other handset makers which does not related to iPhone 4 and does not exhibit the symptom on iPhone 4 to share the blame on iPhone 4 imperfect phone reception quality, and much-loved Apple customers will believe it.

Check out the “Reality distortion field remains strong with Steve Jobs after antennagate” video, which is in Chinese, below. Brief explanation follows for those who can’t understand what’s happening in the video. Note that the video contains violent graphics image.

The video starts by saying that controversy around iPhone 4 has been continuing, and Steve Jobs has to rush to put out the flame. Then, a long queue of people is lining up to buy the iCrap (iPhone and iPod), which helps Steve Jobs to earn billions of dollars for Apple. Steve Jobs then engages in light saber fight with Bill Gates, who is defeated (as in Apple market capitalization exceeds Microsoft), and happily hands over that Darth Vader helmet to Steve Jobs. The video subsequently narrates that some people says the bigger the Apple, the more evil is Steve Jobs, who used the Force to torture Jason Chen (who got a hand on lost iPhone 4 prototype) after Jason Chen residence been raided by police to retrieve the prototype. Then, the Foxconn employees suicide by jumping over the window behind Steve Jobs who pushes on production schedule, with some people complains that Apple does not show enough concern over the issue. iPhone users who does not like to be only able to use AT&T network file class action lawsuit against Apple.

The most interesting part is of course when Steve Jobs cuts off two fingers of iPhone 4 users as the final bloody solution, so that it does not obstruct that beautiful beautiful line in the stainless steel which when touched will cause signal to drop or call to drop, as it narrates that Steve Jobs insists that problem does not belong to Apple, but with user’s fingers. Once fingers are cut off, the antenna won’t be touched, and the signal will be stronger. The video ends of “iPhone 4 sucks” recommendation from Consumer Reports, which makes Steve Jobs starts to feel threaten or worry (well, he is obviously not worry, but just think the issue has been blown out of proportion by the media). Then, press conference which announced the free bumper case for iPhone 4 buyers, and the Apple fanboys start to cheer Steve Jobs again.

There is also another video titled “iPhone4 vs HTC Evo” which depicts the classic behavior of Apple fanboys, posted here just for a good laugh. Note that the video contains foul languages.

By the way, if you own a iPhone 4, Apple will make the details on how to order a free Bumper or case for iPhone 4 soon. The bumper case no longer available for sales through Apple website.