Apple’s iPhones and iPads are selling like hotcake and some may start wondering when will the next generation iOS devices be available in the market. According to reliable source from the far east, China’s Commercial Times reported that the Cupertino-based company is already engaging with its manufacturers to produce next generation iPad 2 by February, follow by iPhone 5 by May time frame.

Similarly, its contract manufacturer is believed to be Foxconn, but this round with addition of Pegatron either as a backup or to cater for expected huge volume even as compared to previous and current products. The report further emphasized that the small pilot production will happen in February, follow by a mass production and volume shipment expected to peak around second quarter of 2011, even exceeding the maximum volume observed in the first iPad during the forth quarter of last year. Whereas for iPhone 5, it is expected to be manufactured in May 2011 with a targeted launch date in around June time frame, as usual per tradition which follow its annual event announcement.

Even though no pricing and firm feature sets yet, hopefully this may give you some clues on when the long anticipated next generation iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will reach commercial market.