Having trouble waking up in time for work? Scare you boss might fire you after numerous warning and you still late for work? Don’t worry! If you have this problem, then you can seek Edifier’s iF200 to help you!

The iF200 is an iPod accessory in the shape of alarm clock designed to work with your iPod to help get you off your bed and on your feet in no time. It is produced by Edifier, a well-known multimedia speaker brand and also one of the international finest acoustical product manufacturers.

iF200 is available in beige or black. It got a retro-styled look with dual-bells on each side of the clock. The dock features a 360° built-in “reflection” speaker that deliver rich, dynamic sounds from your iPod’s playlist. The dock has a universal docking plate that allows all iPods (except the iPod shuffle) to be docked into it.

iPod is rechargeable. The setting up also very easy. There is a special memory function automatically configures your iPod to alarm clock mode each time you dock it.

So the next time you wake up in the morning, just remember to hit the Snooze button gently and try not to knock it off the fable. Get an iPod Alarm clock from Edifier today.